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CNB Special Report: Abused Dog Investigation ("For the Love of Animals" series)

4y ago


Hebron, West Bank, Israel. 5 June, '12. CNB video team investIgates complaint of abused dog. Choices: LEGAL ACTION or EDUCATE. 1st choice: EDUCATE. (See this clip.) CNB also notifies Kiryat Arba regional vet Dr. Eran and national Israel legal jurisdiction. One week given to comply (treat & provide daily food & water to the dog. Palestinian elder (see clip) paid stipend, placed in charge of compliance. CNB to followup next week & report findings to authories. Special thanks: Chaya, Manager, JSPCA animal shelter, (Atarot) Jerusalem, Israel Subscribe for immediate updates: Camerawork: Michael Cohen ©2012 ClipsNBlips, Jerusalem