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Clouds: beta

4y ago


Clouds is a computational documentary featuring hackers and media artists in dialogue about code, culture and the future of visualization. This is a preview of a feature length production to be released later this year. By Jonathan Minard ( and James George ( Featuring Phillip Whitfield @underdoeg Diederick Huijbers @roxlu Rachel Binx @binx Josnhua Nimoy @jtnimoy Marcus Wendt @field_io Karsten Schmidt @toxi Régine Debatty @wmmna James George @obviousjim Executive Producer: Golan Levin Cinematography: Alexander Porter Sound Design: Scott Gibbons Sound Mix: Jesse Soracco Line Producer: Marija Kadelburg CLOUDS was supported by: The STUDIO for Creative Inquiry Eyebeam Art+Technology Center RESONATE festival 2012 Art && Code festival 2011 Made with