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men in black 3

men in black 3

Closure Game - Jon Schubbe Interview - PS3 Game - Puppet Hound Z Show

4y ago


Episode 86: A interview with Jon Schubbe Artist/Animator of "Closure", a puzzle game where light defines reality and darkness represents non-existence. Puppet Hound Z interviews Jon on the concept, production to final creation of Closure for the PS3. See behind the scenes concept photos and game-play from Closure an amazing award winning game designed by: By: Tyler Glaiel, Jon Schubbe and Christopher Rhyne of: Eyebrow Interactive. Rated E: Everyone - Mild Fantasy Violence. Z first learned about this cool game at Minecon 2011 and then reviewed it when it was released in early April 2012. Jon Schubbe's Official Website: Official Website of Closure: The Closure Team: Closure's Award-winning Music site: Check out my review of Closure here: Check out my early look at closure at Minecon here: Take a look at Puppet Hound Z blog Article here: Bloopers and Behind the Scenes: Share your thoughts and opinion of this PS3 puzzle game in the comments below. -Please subscribe if you enjoyed this amazing video. Z has a new episode Tuesday of every week! -Featuring video game reviews, tech tips, parodies, Las Vegas flavor/Adventures/tours, Little Big Planet 2, Minecraft and etc. Subscribe to more Puppet Hound Z here: _____________________________________________________________ Filmed, Directed, Edited, written and performed by Kaleb Fabsik Green Screen Effects by: Kaleb Fabsik Music Composed by: Kaleb Fabsik Special Thanks to: Jon Schubbe for participating and helping to make the video. Interview music is by: Christopher Rhyne YOUTUBE Channel Websites: or, ZHX1138 (Puppet Hound Z) BLOG: TWITTER by request only: Keep track of Puppet Hound Z and the Announcer guy by subscribing. Check out the PUPPET HOUND Z EPISODE PLAYLIST HERE: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Other Episodes of Puppet Hound Z: Episode 75: Closure - Video Review - PS3 Game Episode 76: The Muppets Premium Level Kit - Review - Little Big Planet 2 DLC Episode 77: Lampoon Cave by: EaziG - Little Big Planet 2 Community Creator Spotlight - PHZ Episode 78: Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.3.0 - Crafting Review - Episode 78 Puppet Hound Z Episode 79: Steampunk New Twist (Series) by: Calyst_Aayla - Little Big Planet 2 Creator Interview Episode 80: The Story of Gorgoth - Minecraft - Cinematic Let's Play- Part 1 - Puppet Hound Z & Minecraft4Meh Episode 81: The Story of Gorgoth - Minecraft - Cinematic Let's Play Season Finale - Puppet Hound Z & Minecraft4Meh Episode 82: The Story of Gorgoth Behind Scenes interview with Darkfard and X4nMC Episode 83: Tree House Euphoria by: Puppet Hound Z- Little Big Planet 2 Creator Spotlight- PHZ Episode 84: Tree House Euphoria- Behind the Scenes w/ Puppet Hound Z - Little Big Planet 2 Episode 85: Men IN Black 3 iOS/Android Game Review: This video is a educational Video interview for Closure game. Jon Schubbe is interviewed about how he made the art and animation in Closure. My Music: All the Music in this video is created by me Kaleb Fabsik...