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opening ceremony

opening ceremony

Closing Ceremony Olympics 2012: British Beatz!

1y ago


SUBSCRIBE to Next Media Animation: The closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games are here already! That was fast. Besides the "A Symphony of British Music" theme, there is little else known about the ceremony. Facebook: Webpage: Twitter @nmatv:!/nmatv Tumblr: The ceremonies will take place at 9 PM on August 12, in London. Music director David Arnold says it will be a "beautiful, cheeky, cheesy, camp, silly and thrilling" event chronicling British pop history. Radiohead anyone? David Arnold also wanted to capture the "slightly anarchic, slightly mischievous" spirit of the Olympics. So far, Arnold and the nearly 4,200 performers have done a better job keeping details under wraps than the opening ceremony organizers did. There are a few "sure things" though including: the athlete march, speeches, a flag ceremony and the extinguishing of the Olympic flame.