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Clip of The Keiser Report with Matt Taibbi (2012 April 19)

4y ago


The Max Keiser Show interviews Matt Taibbi as part of their "Viscious Bankster Huddles" episode. Taibbi explains the crimogenic world in which we live as a financial investigative reporter, describing the US financial system as same as the mafia, and extending this globally. He especially emphasizes the problems with prosecuting crimes that go beyond national borders and how criminal syndicates hunt for low regulatory environments so they can continue their frauds. He also focuses on how he reports on financial crimes by seeking out the fraud the those who were directly hurt by it in telling his stories. Great clip because it really sums up what both Kesier and Taibbi are about in just five short minutes. For more videos, see yonseienglish on Youtube today! Also, remember to LIKE videos you find informative. Thank you! And SUBSCRIBE to yonseienglish to get more of the same. Take care!