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Climate Change Disclosure-Nibiru & Elenin the Cause of Global Climate Change?

2y ago


This just came out copy this on google:11133 site nasa gov check on this heading 11133 - GCN Here is ELENIN Richard C Hoagland Coast to Coast AM june 16 2011 Uploaded by Thyalwaysseek on Apr 26, 2011: Alignments, Comet Elenin & Earthquakes - Scientific Proof (27th April 2011) Elenin is in a Collision Course to Earth, Planet X also being detected and its heading to our Solar System. Richard Hoagland states that Elenin is being guided, Guided by whom? And for what Purpose? Extraterrestrial Disclosure:CSETI & Disclosure Project The Official Web Site of Zecharia Sitchin Zecharia Featured in The New York Times Richard Hoagland Enterprise Mission Historic Evidence : Robert Sepehr's research into the Earth's past geology helps to establish and demonstrate a 3600 year pattern of cataclysm on Earth. Noted Researchers : Researchers and Proponents Anunnaki/Nephalim : Who were the Anunnaki? Biblical Prophecy : Planet X in Biblical Prophecy PX on YouTube Nancy Lieder Lloyd Pye Jason Martell Mark Hazlewood James McCanney Andy Lloyd Robertino Solarion Cody Jordan Dr. Radu Popa Dr. Bernard Pipkin