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polar bears

polar bears's Random Acts of Canadian-ness Contest Submission - Ashley Ng Mon

2y ago


This is my submission for the Random Acts of Canadian-ness contest by I'm truly amazed that both glasses and contacts are affordable for all families in Canada and am grateful that they have such great deals on contact lenses. Along with the random acts of Canadian-ness, I decided to create a poem so the video would have more meaning. My poem depicts Canadian-ness, the Canadian identity, and what it's like to live in this glorious country. I would like to thank my friend Mattea for helping me coordinate this video and for being a part of it! Canada's Portrait - By Ashley Ng Mon Canada's vast landscape displays Canadian spirit we all have within Red and white proudly spread across the country as the maple leaf, symbolizing Canada's unity; drifts into place, completing the flag sitting high above the buildings on polished flag poles. Canada is freedom to influence and learn; freedom to allow out expressions to flow as rivers diffusing equality throughout our land embracing a democratic country with valued rights eradicating language barriers, strengthening bilingualism. Multiculturalism evolving, magnetizing Canada closer to its peers welcoming diversity from around the globe connecting us hand in hand on Earth as a web We Canadians embody the cultural mosaic; adding new tiles to its growing picture producing the magnificent masterpiece that was once bare... With only the warm hunger of change rumbling inside. Journey aboot the Trans Canada Highway to discover Canadians rapidly transforming modern lifestyles for the future City metropolises bustle from coast to coast some preserve their daily Tim Hortons run others ambitiously embark on possibilities unknown of until today. Beauty encompasses this vast, diverse land from the pristine beauty of Canada's arctic North where polar bears frolic in the dazzling snow; and the Aurora Borealis paints the northern sky. Canada; our land, our home, from the Pacific, to Atlantic, to the Arctic, to the U.S. border This glorious country, proud, strong and free A beacon of hope; a compassionate haven An example for the world.