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james long

james long

Clear Creek Open Space & Jeffco Open Space - The Peaks to Plains Trail

4y ago


Recreation advocates testify to the overflowing support for a new 6-mile trail along Clear Creek. Great Outdoors Colorado awarded funding to this project on June 19. The trail will be completed by 2016, with 4 miles in Jefferson County and 2 miles in Clear Creek County. Video Transcript: (:46) Dan Grunig, Executive Director, Bicycle Colorado: Being able to experience this canyon at the speed of cycle is just so much better. Rather than staying behind the steering wheel to see this canyon, behind the handle bars would give you a whole new range of experiences. (1:00) Peter Morales, Advocacy Director, Team Evergreen: People all over the state as well as those just down the roadway in the metropolitan area would be able to use 2-wheel travel to enjoy this pristine atmosphere." (1:21) Glen Edwards, Trout Unlimited West Denver Chapter: Having the ability to move from one spot to another along the corridor is one of the things that's really badly needed on Clear Creek. (1:33) Gil Hassinger, Trout Unlimited West Denver Chapter, Riverwatch Volunteer: Get as much in there as you can get in there. (1:59) Joe Sambataro, Access Director, The Access Fund: We've been working with Jefferson County and Clear Creek County to provide a trail network throughout the entire canyon. (2:14) Heidi Skiba, Naturalist, Jefferson County Open Space: We are looking at the possibility of developing a geology program, so what better place do geology than Clear Creek. And we have other units as well that this would be a great site for. (2:11) James Long, Gold Prospectors of the Rockies: The continuance of the trail system on up would allow us the opportunity to get safer access to the creek to be able enjoy and share the resource that in some places we can't do right now because in some places it's just too dangerous to try to get down in there. (2:26) Tom Young, Disability Advocate & Media Services Captain, Golden Fire Dept.: In 1990, I was employed by the Golden Fire Dept., and I was inured in the line of duty in a hang glider rescue. I love to be out in the outdoors, as I did before I was injured. I would actually be down by the creek often and enjoyed it a lot and I kind of miss that. So to be able to be in Clear Creek Canyon and to be actually down close to the river would be fantastic.