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black american

black american

Clean Energy

4y ago


A leading black American environmentalist, Charlene Brown, who wants to promote clean energy that will also ultimately cut costs to the consumer, is visiting the TCI this week to meet industry, chamber of commerce and political leaders. She wants support for a sustainable clean energy initiative called ‘Beautiful by Nature” with the theme “Blue by Choice.” Brown says we already have the technology enabling us to be 40 per cent more energy efficient by 2015. This would involve replacing all lighting to induction and L-E-D technology, retiring and replacing energy guzzling household and office appliances, and integrating green building standards in renovation and new construction. By the same year she’s says Government should aim for a renewable energy portfolio using solar system and wind technologies. Zero carbon emission from vehicles through transfer to electric vehicles and hybrids is also on the list. Charlene Brown, known as the broadcaster Charlene on Green, hosts and produces a TV Show on Fox and NBC networks in Hawaii, and she and publishes the Lookin Green Magazine. She talked to Dale Le Vack about the options available to the community to reduce energy consumption - in an era of soaring tariffs for the consumer.