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chain reaction

chain reaction

City of Good

4y ago


This is one of four original short films we completed for our book/dvd titled We Make It Good. For this piece we thought we’d tackle the classic story of good and evil through a depiction of a chain reaction of mayhem. In City of Good, however, it’s hard to decipher who’s batting for the good guys. We’ve got thuggish angels and necklace stealing rats, cowboys and gangsters and everyone’s got an agenda. We thought we’d put put our spin on that classic tale with a good measure of madness thrown in. Credits: Director: Shilo Production Company: Shilo Creative Directors: Andre Stringer Associate Creative Director: Evan Dennis Design, Illustration, 2D/3D Animation: Evan Dennis 2D Animation: Stieg Retlin 3D Modeling: Scott Denton 3D Animation: Henning Kozcy & David Hill Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler Original Music & Sound Design: Polar Empire Composer: Darrin Wiener