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~Cia Drone Strikes Anyone Killed Is Militant~

4y ago


If someone attacked your country, your children, even the bad guys, would you fight back? Seems like never ending war, the hatfields and mccoys, who profits? Skull and Bones society, one of many, has been involved in war and opium and heroin for many many years. Survey: US drone program unpopular overseas At a meeting held in Waziristan, organised by the UK legal charity Reprieve, locals were encouraged to accumulate photographic evidence of the damage these strikes cause. Tariq Aziz, a 16-year-old boy, offered to collect this information if it would help protect his family. Within 72 hours the car he was travelling in was blown up by a drone. Global Hawk, Torture, and Heroin US Helps Export Afghanistan Heroin GORDON DUFF : RATS IN WOLVES CLOTHING Read more: Legal framework required to stop CIA drone carnage Study: CIA drones strikes have killed 168 children As U.S. Escalates Pakistan Drone Strikes, Expansive "Kill List" Stirs Fears of Worse Civilian Toll Hours after CIA drone strike, al-Qaeda attacks Yemeni base, kills 22 Colin Powell: Another War Criminal Cashes In More on "folks"