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Christina Taylor Green and the whole crew Exposed! PT1-2

5y ago


As if it couldnt get any bigger than this. Dallas Green's real name is Michael Greenberg His father is He is the Great Grand Father of Samantha (christina green character) Maurice Greenberg was the Executive and CEO of AIG and is one of the mot powerful men on this planet. As a member of the Trilateral Commission he is one of the movers and shakers of this country and has MAJOR ties to Israel, and his Starr named companies suggest. I would strongly suspect he is one of the master minds behind all of this BS we see on the Television. Note his bio and you will see the possible connection to many events that have been the catalyst for changes in this country. (Please see the photographs that back it up. And those photos come from the individuals own personal accounts on Picasa.) Maurice R. Greenberg AKA Maurice Raymond Greenberg Born: 4-May-1925 Birthplace: New York City Gender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Business Party Affiliation: Republican Nationality: United States Executive summary: CEO of American International Group, 1967-2005 Military service: US Army (1942-45) Donated $50M to Yale University in 2006. Father: Jacob Greenberg (candy shop owner) Mother: Ada Rheingold Wife: Corinne P. Zuckerman (four children) Son: Jeffrey W. Greenberg (executive, b. 1951) Son: Evan G. Greenberg (executive) University: BA, University of Miami Florida, Coral Gables, FL (1948) Law School: LLB, New York Law School (1950) American International Group President & CEO (1967-2005) C. V. Starr and Company President & CEO (1968-) C. V. Starr and Company VP (1960-67) Member of the Board of American International Group (as Chairman, 1989-2005) Member of the Board of C. V. Starr and Company (1965-, as Chairman, 2005-) Alfalfa Club 1990 Asia Society Chairman (past) Bush-Cheney '04 Bush-Quayle '92 Council on Foreign Relations 1992 Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Dreier for Congress Committee Ensign for Senate Foreign Policy Association Board of Directors Friends of Giuliani Exploratory Committee International Rescue Committee Overseer Japan Society Board of Directors John McCain 2008 Friends of Mark Foley McCain Victory Committee National Committee on US-China Relations Vice Chairman, Board of Directors National Republican Senatorial Committee Nixon Center Chairman Rely on Your Beliefs Fund Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee Securing America's Future Energy Energy Security Leadership Council Trilateral Commission World Technology Network World Trade Center Memorial Foundation Board of Directors Bush Pioneer 2000 Bush Pioneer 2004 Ranger Took the Fifth (12-Apr-2005) His wife is Vikki Greenberg (dont know her maiden) It looks like this was not his first marriage (but I could be wrong) but Vikki doesn't look like the mother of Jennifer Sexton Jennifer Sexton, one of Michael Greenbergs daughters (Formerly Jennifer Greenberg) is the mother of Samantha and Emily Richard Sexton is her husband and the Father of Samantha and Emily Samantha is the Christina Taylor Green Character and Emily her younger sister The boy that plays her brother in real life I believe is her cousin Ethan and depending on the photo they show and the age they try to make her the person playing her brother is swapped out for her other cousin Kyle. (see the photos) Samantha Sexton in 2010 is show to have her 12 birthday party (although the cake shows 13 candles, you decide) We see her in additional photos and ...