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Chloe Sutton - Olympic Swimmer

4y ago


Chloe Sutton is the most unique individuals to ever grace the Olympic stage. She represented America in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and she's poised to strike again at the 2012 London Olympics. Now one of the faces of the "Got Milk?" campaign, she uses her fame towards causes of goodwill including the Jessie Joy Rees Foundation. This short showcases her wonderful attributes and her spirit within. She has the heart of a golden fighter, empassioned to blaze trails that no one has dared travel before. Director | Executive Producer | Writer | Editor: Don Le ( Producers: Nam Luong, Lily Vi Pham Jewelry: Jackie Jones ( Sponsors: Jessie Joy Rees Foundation ( Aquadeus Swimwear ( Unix Mansion ( For BOOKINGS: Arluck Promotions (