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MaximsNewsNetwork: ( ) 27 May 2012: United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria: UNSMIS -- UNTV: El-Houleh, Syria - UN observers in El-Houleh on Sunday. They talk to town residents to try to establish the fact on Saturday's horrific tragedy. An emotional man informs the observers that he has not heard from his sister who lives in a house at the outskirts of town. UN observers go to the house and retrieve the bodies of a woman and her 4 children. Shot list: 00: The Observers enter a house and hear what the some people witnessed. 00: 57 One man crying and asking for help to retrieve the bodies of his sister and her 4 children 01:00 uploading the bodies in a small pickup van. 01:46 a tank passes the vehicles of the Observers. Shooting in the background 02:50 zoom out from the end of the main deserted road where the Observers coordinate a safe passage for the pick up truck. 02:30 Mr. Martin Griffith of UNSMIS talking to a member of the Syrian Red Crescent. 03:07 The pickup van is escorted to the town . 03:15 wide shot of the town of Taldou with one field of wheat on fire. WorldLeadersTV: SYRIA: KILLING at HOULA: U.N. OBSERVER MISSION (UNSMIS) SEE: MaximsNewsNetwork: ( ) 27 May 2012: United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria: UNSMIS -- UNTV: Houla, Syria - After a heavy night of shelling and killing, United Nations observers led by Deputy Head of UN Mission in Syria Martin Grifith visited the town Houla on Saturday and witnessed the extent of violence that has local people horrified; UN observers counted at least 90 bodies, including at least 32 children under the age of 10. Some killed by artillery shells and other killed at a closer range with small caliber weapons. Residents surrounded the UN convoy to tell their stories. (Soundbite )(English) Local resident saying : "Usually before the prayer they start the shelling and then they continue. They continued yesterday until 2 at night" UNSMIS team inspected several locations in the town including the mass burial site. The observers helped recover six bodies from a house at the edge of the town near a Syrian Army position. To help with his fact finding mission, Mr. Griffith met with representatives of the Free Syrian Army and then with Syrian Armed Forces. He condemned this deplorable act of violence and discussed with both sides steps need to support the cessation of violence. · (UNITED NATIONS TELEVISION: UNTV) (UNITED NATIONS SUPEVISION MISSION in SYRIA: UNSMIS ) MaximsNewsNetwork®™ & WorldLeadersTelevision™ News Network for the United Nations and the International Community™ "GIVING POWER & RESONANCE TO THE VOICE OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY" ™ See: See: ASIA100TVNet™ ASIATV100Net™ MAGNUMMAXIM™ TodaysNetworkNews™ WORLDMAGNUM™ Internationally Accredited News Journalists and members of the United Nations Correspondence Association (UNCA)