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royalty free

royalty free

Chick Fil A vs. The Gays: Caffeinated w/John Fugelsang #2

1y ago


Chick Fil A has created a firestorm of protest over their openly anti-gay stance. John Fugelsang tells it like it is in PoliPop's first original series, Caffeinated! Subscribe for new episodes every Tuesday: FOLLOW US WE LIKE YOU, TOO! Google+ Powered by MAKER STUDIOS Written by John Fugelsang Executive Producer Will Keenan Produced by Matt Cross Directed and Edited by Logan Burdick Director of Photography Tyler Carey Royalty Free Music by Sound Effects by --- "John Fugelsang" Caffeinated "PoliPop" "Maker Studios" politics news "Chick Fil A" chicken westboro protest "gay rights" bible Leviticus pork "Larry Craig" Election "Election 2012" "Westboro Baptist Church" gay homosexual "the bible" "The Muppets"