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all grown up

all grown up

CHI-ILL ® - JUNE 25th R.I.P ISAAC [In Studio]

4y ago


A Tribute Video To My Brother Isaac "TERN DOG" Soberon On The 14 Year Anniversary Of His Murder. Just A Glimpse Of What Was Running Through My Mind That Day. Thank you to @360THAMACK Famnorf & Chi Storm for the help. Lyrics: Went with Steve to see Isaac today I can't quite explain how I felt when I walked away we poured liquor out spoke on the good ol days made plans for the future cause things have changed but one thing that stays the same wherever I'm at I'ma find a way to get to your grave anniversary your birthday or regular day I wish in 98 you'd have stayed but you left and we know why you did it your heart beat in synch with the city your life was fun the night was young {Chorus} {Verse 2} I'm sure he's good but I don't see your brother George too much and Nina she's all grown up she miss her Unc she good dog I wish a nigga would dog and your Mom she still livin in the hood dog but your crib never looked this good dog she holding on but you knew that she been strong she took her first fall the moment you were gone and since then she's stood tall {Chorus} {Verse 3} As for the crew only thing we can agree on is you so nothings changed that's how we do our names still ring bells some raised families some in jail some broke out of hell to meet up with you somewhere else me I'm still here trying to see this through maybe year 15 we'll get together for you I'm in tune with you in the tomb with each risk that I take cause I learned to take chances from you.