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doug ferguson

doug ferguson

Charlotte Checkers vs. Syracuse Blazers Brawl 1972

4y ago


Game one of Eastern Hockey Leauge Championship 1971-72 season. Charlotte won this game 4-0 and the series 4-0. 15 different scuffles broke out. Fights include: Frank Golembrosky (CH) vs. Doug Ferguson (SYR) Mike Rouleau (CH) vs. Blake Ball (SYR) Robert Richer (CH) vs. Dave Ferguson (SYR) Bob Shupe (CH) vs. Dave Ferguson (SYR) Allie Sutherland (CH) vs. Ray Adduonno (SYR) Robert Richer (CH) vs. Mike Morton (SYR) Donnie Brennan (CH) vs. Dave Ferguson (SYR) Yvon Bilodeau (CH) vs. Rick Molinaro (SYR) Rick Loe (CH) vs. Doug Ferguson (SYR) Barry Burnett (CH) vs. Mike Ruest (SYR)