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reform school

reform school

Chapter 1. The Way Home or face the Fire (audio book)

4y ago


Chapter 2. "The Prison Reform School with no bars." Earth/Hell: Download the Book at: . The Long-Awaited TRUTH of ALL Things on Planet Earth. A Call to Action: (The Ark of The Covenant is at the Hill of Torah) The ONLY way to Defeat the N.W.O: The King of kings' Bible is at: The Island of Destiny: (Ireland) Why is Jacob's Pillar-Stone called The Stone of Destiny? The Holy Koran: "Honi soit qui mal y pense" - evil be to him who thinks it. Do not judge, so that you will not be judged (Matt. 7:1-2 & Luke 6:37). If you judge anyone, by any judgement other than those that God gave to Moses, you will be judged in the same way, by God. Let him, who is not a sinner, throw the first stone. No-one threw a stone, because all human+beings are sinners (Matt. 7:11). Why?