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danny miller

danny miller


4y ago


The Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM), Positive H2O (+H2O) and Surfrider Foundation have teamed up with award winning filmmaker Danny Miller to produce the new documentary, CHANGING TIDES. This 15 minute film will bring the issue of oceanic garbage into the public dialogue, where ideas are formed and solutions proposed. The engaging story is told through the eyes of Hawaiian kapuna and professional watermen, scientist and volunteers who share their passion for the ocean and what they are doing to protect it. Their stories bring us an in-depth look at oceanic garbage in the Pacific, and what it means for residents of Hawai'i and other Pacific islands impacted by the waste. CHANGING TIDES dispels the myths and demonstrates the real dangers of the Northern Pacific Garbage Patch this is nearly twice the size of Texas and looming off Hawaii's shores. Hawai'i is uniquely poised to tell the story of the floating trash. It is the most remote land mass on Earth, the land mass closest to the North Pacific Gyre, and the first land mass to start seeing the effects of the world's debris. For more information go to: