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Changing Paradigms - Part 21

2y ago


"Reality" is an agreed upon, shared experience. An experience that is shared with Other or Others. The more singularities (singular constructed being) agree on a particular aspect of reality, the more "solid" it becomes." -- Inelia Benz ------- That's why there's so much focus on manipulate human mind.. "Karma is simply cycles which are so deep, so entrenched, that a person doesn't even see them. The person thinks it is normal, and inescapable. Like breathing. As soon as the person learns, or someone points out to them, that they are just stuck in a cycle, and they can move out of it, Karma is done. A person stuck in Karma is someone who is not able to respond outside of the cycle parameters, and a person who is out is a person who is able to respond outside the cycle parameters. One is state of being "not response-able" and the other "is response-able. A person can now simply choose to step out of all their Karma in a moment of time. It is quite beautiful." -- Inelia Benz (Charlie Chaplin's satire on dictators) (An informal talk by Paramahansa Yogananda, recorded in 1949 during a banquet on the occasion of his birthday.)