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Chandi Saptashati-(Ekadasha Audhyayah) Part 21 By Pandit Sri Shankar Parial Sastri

4y ago


Chandi Saptashati-(Ekadasha Audhyayah) Part 21 By Pandit Sri Shankar Parial Sastri The Chandi relates the stories of how the Devi Durga or Chandi killed Madhu and Kaitabha as Vishnu Maya as per Thamasic base,killed Maheshewria as Goddess Laxmi as per Rajashic base and killed Shombhu and Nisshumba in the form of Devi Saraswati as per Sathwic base is known as Devi Mahatmaya. It consists of chapters 74 to 86 ( 13 chapters) of the Markandeya Purana and it has 700 slokas or stanzas. This Purana is also authored by Veda Vyasa. The stories of Devi Mahatmaya are stored by Sage Markandeya to Sage Varguri. He tells him that one king called Suratha,who was run out of his kingdom by his near and dear people, met one Vyaysa (bussiness man) called Samadhi, who was also kicked out from his family by his wife and sons to the forests. They found out that though their near and dearest ones has driven them out, but they both distressed about the welfare of their near and dearest ones. It appears to them this is abnormal, so they apporach their problems to Sage Medhas or Sumedhas who was also living in the forests. The sage explained them that all these is a kind of illuison created by the great Mother God called Vishnu Maya,after that the became curious, and wanted to know about the Great Mother Goddess. According to their curiousity, Sage Medhas then narrates the story of Devi Matamaya or Sri Sri Chandi or Sri Sri Chandi Saptashati. It consists of 3 stories in all of which the Mother Goddess kills the emenies of GODS. The first Stories is Prathama Charita, where describes the killing of Madhu and Kaibhta. The second story is Madhyama Charita, where desricbes, The defeat of the army of Mahishasura,The defeat of Mahishasura,and The Shakradaya Stuti. The last story is Uttra Charita, where describes The conversation between Devi and the herald,The defeat of Dhumralochana,The defeat of Chanda and Munda,The defeat of Raktabija,The defeat of Nishumbha,The defeat of Shumbha, Narayani Stuti, The glory of the deeds of Devi,and the granting of Suratha and the Vaishyas wishes. The Sage then tells of how, the king Suratha and Vysya Samadhi did penance on the goddess and got the boons they wanted. May Devi Ma Chandi Bless Us all Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti, Written By Pandit Sri Shankar Parial Sastri Visit our website