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lost track

lost track

Champ Hood - Going to New Orleans - A Tribute

4y ago


From Champ's solo CD Bon Haven. This song was written about Champ by the late Uncle Walt Hyatt, Champ's friend and musical cohort. The pictures are from all over the web and the soundtrack is from my CD of Champ. Champ Hood August 16th, 1952-November 3rd,2001. We miss you buddy. Thanks Niles Fuller aka austinphotographer on YouTube, that means do a search, for a couple of your copyrighted photos from 1984 (where did the time go?) and thanks everyone else. Oh yeah, and aka means: also known as. It's easy to forget the things you think everybody knows but sometimes don't. I do. I lost track of what came from where but if you want credit tell me which pictures are your's and I'll add that information here in the description. Forgive me my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me. Wisegeorge