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project hope

project hope

Caught on Video :Lunacy and the Full Moon ! Sorry (Random Video )

4y ago


My FaceBook : Yes I have it ! My Blog : Other YouTube Channel When SHDF !Link Below ! some contemporary authors, such as Miami psychiatrist Arnold Lieber, have conjectured that the full moon's ­supposed effects on behavior arise from its influence on water. The human body, after all, is about 80 percent water, so perhaps the moon works its mischievous magic by somehow disrupting the alignment of water molecules in the nervous system. Scientists believe that sooner or later the moon will be the second home of human kind. In a bid to extend human civilisation to the moon, an astronomical observatory is all set to be flown to the moon by 2011 by a private commercial venture Odyssey Moon Limited.. Odyssey Moon Limited, a commercial lunar enterprise settled in the Isle of Man, is the space transportation and mission partner. It has already announced a series of robotic mission to the moon during the International Lunar Decade in support of science, commerce and exploration. The company intends to offer frequent, low cost and reliable access to the lunar surface for private and government customers. Odyssey Moon is dedicated to the long-term responsible development of the moon for the benefit of all humanity. The organisations involved in the project hope that ILOA venture represents an opportunity for all people of the earth to support and participate in a project for long term benefit. Lunacy and the Full Moon Does a full moon really trigger strange behavior? Can the Full Moon Affect Human Behavior? The spiritual effect of the moon on man