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north caucasus

north caucasus

Caucasian Students Fight Police to Protect Friends

2y ago


Investigators have opened criminal cases against more than a dozen Caucasian students after they fought police to protect their friends, who are suspected of attempted murder during a mass brawl outside the Yevropeisky shopping mall. Police tracked down the two suspects to a dormitory in the Moscow region town of Peredelkino on Friday, but when they tried to take them in for questioning the suspects' friends put up stiff resistance. A fight then ensued outside the building, and the 18 students now face charges of assaulting police, the Investigative Committee said in a statement on its website. That charge carries a maximum sentence of five years' jail time. Friday's events were caught on video and soon appeared on the Internet. In the clip, police are seen to fire in the air with automatic weapons and pin at least three students to the floor. "The individuals in question physically harmed police officers carrying out the instructions of investigators examining the attempted murder of Alexei Usachev near the Yevropeisky shopping center," the statement read. Police eventually succeeded in detaining one suspect, Dikhkam Rizvanov, and an international search warrant has been issued for the other, 21-year-old Chechnya native Magomed Eldiev, state-run news agency RIA-Novosti reported. Investigators had earlier charged Eldiev with attempting to murder Spartak fan Usachev, who was stabbed multiple times after a fight broke out Tuesday between football fans and North Caucasus migrants on Dorogomilovskaya Ulitsa in the city center.