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amber moelter

amber moelter

Catwoman: The Cat and The Lioness (Catwoman Summer Project)

1y ago


Catwoman breaks into Talia Al Ghul's lair to steal a valuable cat statue, only to be caught and tied up, but both women have ulterior motives. The second film in the Catwoman Summer Project series is based off the popular Darwyn Cooke/Jim Lee black catsuit, complete with goggles. Thinking "What would Christopher Nolan Do" some heavy duty tactical gear was added. This is a film made by the fans, for the fans. Be a part of the project at An ALM Talkies production Director: Amber Moelter Producers: Bill Casale & Amber Moelter Story by: Gael Mansard Written by: Mathew Wilmot & Amber Moelter Director of Photography: Doyle Lee 1st AC: Alaric S. Rocha 2nd AC: Mathew Griffin Gaffer: Robert McEwen 1st AD: Caesar J.Rivera 2nd AD: Ronald Wright Production Assistants: Michael Dobrow, Eric Iberle, Cameron Keleher, Diana K. Pickard Catwoman's Hair & Make Up: Amy Sweeney Talia Al Ghul's Hair & Make Up: Pamela Turnmire Wardrobe/Costume Design: Amber Moelter Latex Catsuit: Vex Clothing Whip: David Cross Catering: Mum Videographer, Stills & Social Media: Colin Blakeston Promotional & Still Photography: Ruby Perea Promotional Photography: Edward Wheeler & Doyle Lee Edit & Color by: Amber Moelter Visual Effects by: Samuel Dale Title Animation by: Antonio Cerri CRR NTN VFX Studio Sound Design & Mix by: Andrew Sterling Music by: Tom Marsh Shot on Location at the Alhambra Palace in Chicago, IL