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Staff Picks

Cats Under The Stars at The Saint (5-12-12) : Think

4y ago


(Jimmy McKracklin / Don Robey aka Deadric Malone) / Zach Nugent: Guitar/Vocals; John Wakefield: Bass; Pete Rahn: Drums; Nick Gendron: Keys; Liz Beatty-Owens: Vocals; Sarah Marshall: Vocals Some of us have been playing together for a long time and some are new-found members that fit in like an old hat. We are all hard working musicians who love the music, Jerry, and performing. Our intentions, pure and simple, are to create good times, dancing, great music, and an experience you will not soon forget. Come see the "Cats on the bandstand". "I think your band is at the top of the heap of JGB inspired bands. You all treat songs very much as we tried to do so many years ago. I was struck with Pete's drumming and Zach plays more like ol' Jer than anyone I've heard. Pete's groove: each song starts and ends with the same tempo, he doesn't slow down or speed up and this is a rare thing with the other JGB inspired bands. I also like his feel, he seems to be telling the others "let me wrap my arms around you all and define the feel and tempo for all of us, trust in me" great drummers have always done this, drummers like Jim Gordon, Charlie Watts and I've always tried to do this whenever I played a song. Best of luck to you all, with respect, David Kemper" David Kemper, Drummer - Jerry Garcia Band General Manager / Booking Agent : Full Circle Music Productions ( ) _______________________________________________________________ You can find out more about The Saint here: _____________________________________________________ Follow me on facebook here: ______________________________________________________________________________