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catholic church

catholic church

Catholic Church Scandal: Thousands of children abused by priests in Dutch catholic schools

1y ago


The Vatican is the most criminal organization in existence. Beware of priests, nuns and religious officials as they are part of the global organization that covers up criminals and utilizes its power to evade the judicial system. Its false mercy appearance is that this evil organization has utilized to deceive the masses. In this video you will see evidence of how thousands of children were abused in Dutch catholic schools. They catholic child services well knew about this abuse, wrote letters to 112 institutions to denounce the crimes but nothing was done about it since the Vatican enjoys immunity worldwide. In 2010, the most senior catholic official in the Netherlands Cardinal Simonis denied knowledge of the abuuse using the same phrase that the germans used to deny knowledge of the holcaust. The soon destruction of this evil organization is amongst us. Any day now we can expect to see the Catholic Church (The Great Harlot) go up in flames.