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Staff Picks

Castles In The Sand by Rednek ft. Virus Syndicate (Official Music Video)

4y ago


Subscribe For More: Dubstep.NET Presents: Castles In The Sand by Rednek (Official Music Video) Dubstep.NET Feature: Debuted several months ago as an installation in REDNEK's incredibly provocative Official Music Video Series, "Castles In The Sound" ft. Virus Syndicate is by far one of REDNEK's most moving musical creations to date. A haunting and satirical message is poignantly delivered with powerful, in-your-face vocals that are perfectly paired with one of REDNEK's most carefully composed, and highly melodic instrumentals. An all around fantastic single, we hope "Castles In The Sand" has inspired you to go check out REDNEK's full-length relese, "One Year Later"....we highly reccomend it! Album Release: Follow REDNEK: SC: Follow Virus Syndicate: SC: Follow us @ http://www.Dubstep.NET