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Cascades - Behind the scenes

4y ago


When I first heard Cascades isolated from the rest of the album (Field Drawings by Ryan Teague), winter was very much in the air and the sharp, twinkling notes called to mind at once falling snow, but also a memory from my childhood of a broken jewellery box that belonged to my grandma. The partnerless ballerina in the centre of the box would rotate tremulously to a sparse and lonely clockwork soundtrack that echoed through the over-wound springs in the base. The video we created to accompany the track was shot over 4 days in a basement in Pennsylvania and took almost 4 months of planning and research. The owner of said basement was Linden Gledhill, a biochemist cum macro photography enthusiast. I had been put in touch with him by kinetic still-life photographer, Jason Tozer - a previous co-conspirator whom I had asked to be DOP for the project. Watch the final video here: