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put a smile on your face

put a smile on your face

"Carver One" The Journey Is The Destination

4y ago


It's being hailed as the most athletic automobile in the world, the Vandenbrink "Carver One". Is it a car? Is it a motorcycle? Is it a road-restricted ATV? No one seems to know, but this quirky Dutch machine will easily turn heads and put a smile on your face. Its a tandem-seat machine that has three wheels, and whats more it tilts when you corner. The Carver is powered by a motorcycle-sized 660-cc turbocharged inline four with four valves-per-cylinder, mated to a regular five-speed manual gearbox. Despite the engines tiny capacity its enough to propel the Carver to 60 mph in 8.1 seconds. Top speed for this three-wheeled machine is pegged at an estimated 115 mph! The Carvers front half pivots and tilts up to 45 degrees in each direction in order to turn. The rear half is more like a regular car; it remains fixed and parallel to the road in order to maintain excellent grip and traction. The rear also uses conventional 195/45R15 automobile tires, whereas the front rides on a single 145/70R17 motorcycle tire. At 29,900 Euros base price [equivalent to $40,000US delivered]. "Carver One" is far from cheap, but one must account for the ingenious design, the complex components of the DVC system and the fact that its completely hand built!! e-mail: [Reference:]