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cars 2

cars 2

Cars 2 Color Splash Speedway Track Set From Disney Pixar Colour Changers Playset juguetes

1y ago


From disney pixar cars2, this is "color splash speedway track set" from color changers collection. This color change track set features a car Launcher, Waterfall, Water Tank, Spin-Dry Turntable, Customizing Tool and Station, and Lane Changer. Sells for $30 at toys"R"us and online - Includes one Color-Changer Finn McMissile. Other Vehicles sold separately! Two paint jobs in one! Inspired by the hit Disney Pixar film, Cars, this assortment features characters from the movie in 1:55 scale. Each vehicle changes color with warm or icy cold water for double the fun. Kids can take their favorite cars from the film and with a quick dunk, watch the magic happen! Ages 3 and over. From Mattel SKU: 10F1708D UPC 027084987256 Color Changers, son los auténticos personajes de la película de Cars 2 en una escala 1:55. El vehículo cambia de color con agua fría o caliente. Un exclusivo Toys"R"Us. This playset is also called: "Cars TRU Ramone Color Change Trackset" "Pista Colour Changers" "Piste Color Changer" Here's how Cars2 is called in other countries: "Arabalar 2" "Auta 2" "Auti 2" "Automobili 2" "Autod 2" "Autot 2" "Bilar 2" "Bilar 2" "Cars 2" "Carros 2" "Les Bagnoles 2" "Mankanebi 2" "Masini 2" "Ratai 2" "Тачки 2" "Tachky 2" "Verdák 2" "カーズ 2" "Les Bagnoles animées" "Cars Motori Ruggenti" "Cars Quatre roues" "Bujdy na research" "汽車總動員 2" Thanks for watching blucollection Videos. Also check out disneycollectorbr great toychannel.