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carroll baker

carroll baker

Carroll Baker in Private Lessons

1y ago


Carroll Baker is the new piano sexy teacher in a provincial Italian town. She draws the attention of two of her male students. The experienced and self-assured (but perhaps also homosexual) Gabrielle manages to take compromising photos of her and uses them for sexual blackmail, not on his own behalf, but on the behalf of his virginal friend,Alessandro. Alessandro is a pampered, sweet-natured mama's boy, but it's really amazing he's still a virgin, not only because of his friend's machinations with the teacher, but also because his Gabrille's very sexy and very willing sister (Leanora Fani) keeps throwing herself at him. Alessandro's father (Carlo Guiffre) meanwhile is hilariously sex obsessed and he also has an uncle (Renzo Montagnini) who's pretty much the same way, but much more successful with women. After a lot of initial fumbling, Alessandro finally manages to score, in short order, with his uncle's voluptuous maid (Femi Benussi), his mature but attractive teacher Baker, and his Lolitaesque classmate Fani (quite a trifecta if you've ever seen those three actresses).