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CAROLYNE MAS ~ "Mon Ange Fuiant" From The Lost 1984 Demos

4y ago


In 1984, I was working at Frank's Deli in Asbury Park, and I was living in an apartment on Grand Avenue overlooking the lake. My life had hit a meaningless patch of dreary routine, and I hated my job. One night while hanging out at the Stone Pony, Jon Bob Jovi walked over to me and struck up a conversation. I did not know him very well, but I remembered him from when he had opened for me at the Fast Lane some years before. Jon told me that he had just been talking about me with a man named Dan Young, at Mercury/Polygram in New York. I had known Dan when he was with Phonogram in Canada during the peak of my career, and had not seen him since then. Apparently, he was now living in New York, and Jon thought that I should give him a call. To make a long story short, Dan ended up wanting to manage me, and thought that I should move to Germany. Apparently, I had a hit record in Germany that I was completely unaware of. This would be the first time that I would ever hear about the success of "Mas Hysteria", and it was very exciting for me. He thought that I could cultivate a successful career if I lived in Germany. He even sent a journalist from Hamburg to interview me at Frank's Deli...which was a true moment of glory for me, as everyone working there had treated me like some kind of washed-up loser. The owner's son who had once persecuted me on a daily basis, motioned for me to take off my ketchup-stained apron and sit at a booth, while he served the journalist and I coffee with an awkward smile on his face. I recorded a demo of songs around this time, at a studio somewhere in New York City. Dan had arranged everything. I took the train from Asbury Park into the city, with my guitar in one hand, and my black and white composition notebook in the other. Some of the songs I recorded then had been written while living in Brooklyn in 1981-1982. Some time after this demo was made, Dan Young vanished off the face of the earth. He literally disappeared. I had given up my apartment, my job, and many of my possessions, including Butch, a tall stuffed cowboy who whom I had since I recorded my first album for Mercury. I gave him to a friend of mine in Red Bank who was a school teacher, to put in the corner of her classroom. Eventually, as fate would have it, I did move to Germany in the late 80's. One night when I was feeling very homesick, I thought about this tape, and of the old songs that I could barely remember. I contacted a friend of my room mate from back then, because I remembered that I had given her a cassette of this tape at the time. It was not so well-preserved, but it is the only recording I have of many of these songs, which would have otherwise been forgotten. I am pleased to offer these songs as a special collection for fans. The recordings are free, but a small donation would be much appreciated, A donation can be made via PayPal at Thank you...and enjoy!