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Smule | Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe: Smule Band Cover on Smule Apps!

4y ago


Tweet this video! Smule employees perform Call Me Maybe on Smule-struments! One day at Smule SF HQ, we had a dream...a dream that we could use our musical apps to play our favorite song in the world. With a little creativity, diligence, and heart, that dream was realized. The best part is, YOU can play this song too in our apps, either by doing it freestyle like we did in this video, or by just downloading the song arrangement (Magic Piano and Ocarina 2)! Learn how to play the different parts by watching The Mule's vlog: You can also download the pre-arranged song "Call Me Maybe" in Magic Piano and Ocarina 2! APPS! Magic Piano for iPad, iPhone, iPod: Magic Piano for Android: Ocarina 2: MadPad for iPhone: MadPad HD for iPad: I Am T-Pain (for the tuned vocals): PARTS! Direct link to drumset set in MadPad: Ocarina High Part: Ocarina Middle Part: Ocarina Low Part: SMULE! LIKE US! CIRCLE US! FOLLOW US! CHECK US OUT! Thanks for watching, and stay Smulean!