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the opportunity

the opportunity


4y ago


PLEASE SUPPORT 88 KICKSTARTER ...TIME IS RUNNING OUT! 88 to Lifers, We're up past 45k thanks to more amazing people that believe in the project. With less than 4 days left we really need everyone that has donated to help let more people know about the project.The videos are going to keep coming until the bell tolls. So enjoy , share and if you're super inspired come on back and grab something else from the incentives. Everything helps! I'm very lucky to have not only worked with Carlos Gallardo ( El Mariachi, Desperado ) but also now count him among my close friends. Carlos is a very honest outspoken man, has an intensity that shines bright in his performance and is the star and co-producer of one of the most important films in film history, EL Mariachi. The El Mariachi Trilogy had a deep affect on me as a creative and Robert Rodriquez is one of the greatest action directors of all time, so the opportunity to work with the other half of the Mariachi Magic with Carlos was too good to be true. He left me on a dirt road at the end of this video but I forgive him...he needed to get to Vegas in 2 hours. :) Please help us make this happen over the next 3 days. Peace and Love DIG and JAN