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A Capella Science - Rolling in the Higgs (Adele Parody)

1y ago


Subscribe! iTunes link pending. Buy the track on CDbaby here! There's a collider under Geneva Reaching new energies that we've never achieved before Finally we can see with this machine A brand new data peak at 125 GeV See how gluons and vector bosons fuse Muons and gamma rays emerge from something new There's a collider under Geneva Making one particle that we've never seen before The complex scalar Elusive boson Escaped detection by the LEP and Tevatron The complex scalar What is its purpose? It's got me thinking Chorus: We could have had a model (Particle breakthrough, at the LHC) Without a scalar field (5-sigma result, could it be the Higgs) But symmetry requires no mass (Particle breakthrough, at the LHC) So we break it, with the Higgs (5-sigma result, could it be the Higgs) Baby I have a theory to be told The standard model used to discover our quantum world SU(3), U(1), SU(2)'s our gauge Make a transform and the equations shouldn't change The particles then must all be massless Cause mass terms vary under gauge transformation The one solution is spontaneous Symmetry breaking Roll your field to minimum potential Break your SU(2) down to massless modes Into mass terms of gauge bosons they go Fermions sink in like skiers into snow Copyright 2012, Tim Blais and A Capella Science Original version: "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele