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Staff Picks

Can You Hear Me TV presents: The Muggs LIVE at the MAGIC STICK, DETROIT

4y ago


Song: Gonna Need My Help, The Muggs are a 3 piece, power trio, heavy blues rock band hailing from Detroit, Michigan. Founded in Feb. 2000, the Muggs were having great success in Detroit's thriving music scene until Sept. 4th, 2001 when bassist Tony DeNardo had a massive stroke. The Muggs reformed at the end of August 2003 this time with Tony's bass lines through a Fender Rhodes piano. The Muggs were signed in less than a year after reforming to Times Beach Records and came out with their eponymously titled album in July 2005. The Muggs dub themselves, "the ugliest band in the world" and their live show is a must see!