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contact sport

contact sport

Can Lauren Rock Roller Derby? Woman v. Workout Ep. 8

2y ago


It takes a lot of physical endurance and dedication to rock roller derby, a hard-hitting, fast-paced, full-contact sport that Lauren will need more than a helmet and knee-pads to survive. Can she skate her way through a scrimmage without breaking a leg? Find out now, plus see what nickname The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls give their newest "teammate." Subscribe for a new Woman v. Workout Every Wednesday! More Episodes of Woman v. Workout: Check Out More Shows from 3V: On each new episode of Woman v. Workout, our fearless host will take on a crazy new fitness challenge. Whether she's learning capoeira, or boxing with the pros, Lauren manages to stay on her feet while wearing a smile (well, most of the time). Subscribe to 3VFitness to see a new episode of Woman v. Workout every Wednesday! Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Google +: