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Camp Chapel (Part 1/3)

4y ago


UPDATE: Thanks to all of our amazing supporters, we made it the final 20 films of the SeeFlik Fan Favorites Competition! Round 2 voting begins on February 8th, 2012! Anyone can create account to vote and in the new round, each registered user gets 10 votes that can be spread among the 20 remaining films! If you like us, be sure to give us as many votes as possible! Thanks! Hey everyone! Thank you so much for your support and checking out Camp Chapel on Youtube! Currently, we are part of an online video contest called "SeeFlick" and could use your support! Check us out and rate us at: Thanks! ***UPDATE*** The new and improved (and uninterrupted!) cut is on Vimeo! Click over for a longer (and might I say better?) version! M.L.C. Entertainment in association with Turkwise Films presents A SAC 423 prodution "Camp Chapel" Joey Richter Kris Reilly Quinn Scillian Joe DiMuzio Rob Roy Mia-Carina Mollicone Kait Mitchell Jan Cartwright Nick Szczerba Assistant Director Joey Bergren Co-Produced by Youssif Abdulhamid Nick Hamlett Music by William Stanton Sound Department Matt Glenn Annlie Huang Vicki Huang Colin Neville Edited by Phil McLaughlin Production Designers Angela Chih Oleg Kolbasov Directors of Photography Taylor Stanton Maia Wertenberger Assistant Director Joey Bergren Co-Executive Producer Andy Kirshner Executive Producers Jim Burnstein Robert Rayher Screenplay by Michael Burke Produced by James Alsobrooks Directed by Bhanu Chundu © 2010 M.L.C. Entertainment