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gold coast

gold coast

"Buxom Bandit" Tonee Walker: Dumbest Criminal Caught on Tape?

4y ago


SUBSCRIBE to Next Media Animation: Australia's Buxom Bandit, Tonee Walker, 22, turned herself after international attention on her ashion-choice to rob a gas station. Walker robbed a gas station this past Monday, but made out with more than just cash. The blonde bombshell is setting the Internet on fire as she becomes somewhat of a web celebrity. Facebook: Webpage: Twitter @nmatv:!/nmatv Tumblr: People across the internet are buzzing about the Buxom Bandit, a busty robber from the suburb of Arundel in Australia's Gold Coast . A grainy security tape reveals an extremely curvy blonde woman prancing into a gas station and wielding a knife. The cashier attempted to stop her, but failed. She was able to get away with the help of an accomplice who was filling up as she was robbing the gas station, but her large chest probably helped a lot too. Police expect to find her quickly, considering she was pretty clueless when it came to robbing the place. A few of her larger errors were wearing only one glove and exposing her face to the security camera. You can't blame her though, she is blonde after all! So which movie studio do you think will get the rights to this story first?