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new muslims

new muslims

Buloogh al-Maraam - Lesson 2 - Abdurrahman Murad

4y ago


Buloogh al-Maraam - Lesson 2 - by Ustaadh Abdurrahman Murad Lesson #1 - Unfortunately wasn't recorded, though notes on it will be posted here insha'Allah. Ustaadh Abdurrahmann was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. He completed high school and a number of IT courses in Canada. In Islamic education he studied Arabic and completed a BA in Shariah both from Imam University in Riyadh. In his time in Riyadh he has taught Quran, Tajweed, Islam, Fiqh & Aqeedah. Sheikh Aburrahmann has also worked in dawah offices, with Islamic websites and Jumuah magazine as a translator and editor in Riyadh as well. He also counsels new Muslims and has devised programs for understanding Islam. He has been a group leader for Hajj and also produced educational programs for that as well. Ustaadh Abdurrahmann has translated and written numerous works many of which are in print. Among them are a book on the laws of inheritance on which subject he has also delivered courses, as well dividing estates in Canada, USA & Saudi Arabia. He is currently the director of Dar Al Madinah Islamic society in Vancouver where he currently resides with his wife. His hobbies include camping, badminton and of course reading! See: