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bulk and skull

bulk and skull

Bulk and Skull 24

4y ago


Bulk & Skull frighten a small child. Small children have the power of being so obnoxiously scary they make themselves cry. Out of any punishment & have had to endure yet, this is by far the worse. It's too bad the father isn't one of those sitcom bachelors-with-kids designed solely to attract sexually objectified female celebrities on the shows to boost ratings with the perverted masses obsessed with exterior beauty (a concept which in the early 90s was frowned upon, but these days shallow superficiality is once again revered). Unfortunately, B&S were anchored down with the consistent subplot of the Power Rangers interrupting their screentime & were never able to attract Sylvia Plath, Diana Canova, Jane Seymour & Sarah Bernhardt onto the show with them due to time & budget constraints. Incidentally, "deep throat in [smut] film" is rated a 96.0% relevance by Wikipedia for a search of "famous actresses" which only further strengthens the validity of my cynical point of view. The fact that the diaper-changing sequence is longer than a minute is to make up for the erroneous lack of B&S in the previous episode (unless I just missed them). Parents (who've declined dignity & aspiration to live vicariously through some hellspawn, usually from their own loins) may complain about people who are squeamish about changing diapers. Why "changing diapers" is a gag on a show directed at violent, sugar-addicted eight-year-old bast--children is a good question. The fact is, nobody likes changing diapers because normal people don't like looking at urine & fecal matter. That's not even a generalization. NORMAL people DON'T like that stuff. At least medical staff have an excuse, though people who cut open other people & move their organs about probably aren't completely normal. But I kid the medical profession! Bulk uses the phrase "ipso facto" which is Dead Latin for "by that very fact" which is a nonsense phrase that means "therefore". Bulk states that the PRs are strong therefore one of the swimmers might be a PR. Logical fallacy aside, Latin's a dead language which is used to cast magic, identify rude body parts with dignity & keep up pretense of law & order. The last is done by inserting random Latin-sounding lorem ipsum phrases into courtrooms in order to place yet another layer of steaming bullcrap onto jurors who are essentially told to be stupid enough to somehow believe & only judge upon what they hear in court,which is a technical impossibility. How would B&S fare on MST's Invention Exchange? For those who somehow don't know MST is the original movie riffing service before it ended & was copied later by other wannabe services to be imbued with zeitgeist bullcrap, genitalia & unfunny antisocial nerds endorsing their own hate agendas despite having no professional or comedic validity or talent. Thankfully, Cinematic Titanic might just be what we need for professional, quality movie riffing that won't degenerate into childish racism & a misguided inclusion of (ugh) "guest" riffers who consist of angry sociopathic emo nerds who never forgot that the teachers made them sit outside of the giant parachute in gym class in the fourth grade. B&S apparently saw "Guys & Dolls" & the populace of Angel Grove are so stupid they'd swim right into a boat. As usual, everything goes perfect for everyone but B&S who seem to be trapped in a shortchanged version of The Truman Show. Like the Christlike/Everyman character played by Jim Carrey they're surrounded by meaningless waves of living stimuli which make when examined. This is the closest to reality we ever get.