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older adults

older adults

Building Buzz on Campus - Youth Marketing

2y ago


College students are, a tough crowd for marketers. When students are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages on a daily basis, it can be difficult to sort through the clutter. Wired as the generation may be, its members not only tend to ignore traditional media -- television, radio, and newspapers -- but, studies show, they are no more likely to click open an Internet ad than older adults are. They do, however, listen to one another. What breaks clutter is peer recommendation and consistency. "Who better to sell to a teenager than a teenager?" If friends or fellow students are talking about a brand, students are apt to listen more closely. It's more like sharing an opinion. Word of mouth advertising is all about building buzz, and on today's increasingly connected campuses, word travels faster than ever. Not only are students in a unique environment that puts them in constant contact with people in the exact same demographic, but they have the ability to communicate information to their friends at lightning speed through text messages or Facebook posts. It's easy for something to go viral when students share it with hundreds of Facebook friends or twitter followers in a single post, and a repost or retweet by a friend can reach hundreds of new people and so on. If students are excited about a brand, not only will they tell their close friends in person, but they also have the opportunity to share the information with friends across the world through technology. Getting students talking about your brand in a positive light is the perfect way to build buzz and seed your brand. Want to get students talking about your brand on campus? Contact us now