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Staff Picks

BRIZBOMB-120513T1737 May 2012 Hardware Video Synthesis Challenge

4y ago


Video Synth Pictionary - enter a comment and guess what it is. For the LZX May 2012 Hardware Video Synthesis Challenge. Audio & Visuals recorded live @ Westside Welding and Machine 2012 Feb 27th. General Rules: Video recordings must be live (no editing or reprocessing). No software manipulation during or after recording. No pre-recorded content or sources. Camera feedback off of a monitor is acceptable, but otherwise no live cameras. If you don't have a video synthesizer, pure feedback pieces are accepted as long as they fit the theme. Soundtrack can be nonsynchronous or whatever desired, but won't factor into the judging criteria. Submissions can be any length up to 10 minutes. Provide full list of equipment used when making submission. May 2012 Challenge Theme: Household objects/textures pictionary. Using synthesis and feedback methods, create a pattern or shape reminiscent of a household object or texture that is recognizable as such. Examples include lamp, comb, persian rug, curtain, chair, food items, etc. Bonus points for related animation element (for example, a lamp that turns on and off, or a toaster that produces toast.) The Prize: Sandin IP Function Generator module kit or Sandin IP Differentiator module kit from LZX Industries ($99 value)