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Brenda & The Tabulations Story Pt 2 Soul Facts Show

4y ago


Chancellor of Soul, Mike Boone presents a two part special of his internet radio show 'Soul Facts' a show highlighting the history of legendary artists and their music. In this edition, we feature a group from Philadelphia, Penn who's contributions helped built the musical foundation of the genesis of Philly soul. Brenda & The Tabulations (Part 2) Brenda & The Tabulations were on the height of their success, from 1967-1969. In between the success, tensions would amount, as founder Maurice Coates and lead singer Brenda Payton and producer Bob Finiz, continued to contribute most of the group's material, which was question by the male members. Coates would quote as saying, 'Y'all wanna write something, go head and give me a break ! Coates would also have arguements with male member James Rucker (Brenda Payton's husband) about the wherebouts of where his wife should go. So afterwards, he was replaced by guitarist/ songwriter Jerry Jones. A new additional member, Bernard Murphy was added in 1969. More problems would arrive as Gilda Woods fledging Philly label, Dionn, folded in mid 69' holding up production for the next few months, but then wasted no time in innaugurating a new imprint entitled, 'Top & Bottom' later that year. The Tabulations' first single and hit for the fledging label was a beautiful soft romantic ballad composed by its members Eddie Jackson and Jerry Jones called 'The Touch of You' released in late 1969. The song hit No.12 on Billboard's Soul Singles chart on Jan 17, 1970. As the 70's decade arrived, the male Tabulations left and were replaced by a new female line consisting of Pat Mercer and Deborah Martin with lead singer Brenda Payton, along with a new road band and two very talented songwriters Van McCoy & Joe Cobb, assigned by Gilda Woods to write fresh material for the group. Recorded at the legendary Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia, Pa. the Top& Bottom line up charted six single releases, including one top ten classic that became the Tabulations' signature hit 'Right On The Tip Of My Tongue' released in the spring of 1971. After 3 years established years on Top & Bottom, the Tabulations signed on to Epic Records in late 1972 and released 4 singles, including one masterpiece composition by Van McCoy issued in April 1973 entitled, 'One Girl To Late'. With lack of promotion and non-consistant and suitable material, the group moved to Neil Bogart's Chocolate City label (subsidary of Casablaca Records) in 1976. In actuality, the Tabualtion member were not included in the deal, only Brenda Payton was featured as a solo artist, with background vocals provided by The Sweethearts of Sigma. An LP was issued during the summer of 1977 entilted 'I Keep Coming Back For More'. Brenda & The Tabualtions disbanded in the late 80's but provided the buying public with one release in 1987 called 'Don't Give On The Love'. The group was honored at the Afro-American Historical and Cultural Museum in 1986, along with other Philadelpian artists. Brenda Payton sadly passed away at the age of 46 on June 14, 1992. Her last performance was at the Chestnut Caberet in February of that year Original male Tabulations member Eddie Jackson died of a brain aneurysm, 18 years later on May 3, 2010, in Forest City, North Carolina ( End of Part 2)