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human society

The Brain - Can Machines Improve Humans?

4y ago


A special panel at The Israeli Presidential Conference 2012 June 20, 2012 This video was broadcasted live by the Tomorrow Conference The human brain helps us comprehend the world around us. Now, we are deepening our comprehension of the brain itself. To what extent have we advanced and how much more is there to learn? Is it possible to enhance the quality of the brain's functions by connecting to external equipment? Will such combinations be used to overcome illnesses or maybe we can acquire broader capacities that are now only figments of our imagination? Will future interactions between individual and machine influence human nature and the makeup of human society? Moderator: Professor Idan Segev, Israel: Professor of Neuroscience, Member, Department of Neurobiology, Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation, Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences, David & Inez Myers Chair in Computational Neuroscience, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Member, American Society for Neuroscience, European Neuroscience Association (ENA), Israeli Society for Neuroscience. Co-Editor: Methods in Neuronal Modeling: From Channels to Networks (1998); Art and Brain: An encounter between 10 artist and 10 brain-scientists (2005); Augmenting Cognition (2011). Participants: Dr. Amir Amedi, Israel: Senior Lecturer, Medical Neurobiology, Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada; Member, The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Recipient: Wolf Foundation Krill Prize for Excellence in Scientific Research, James S. McDonnell Foundation Scholar Award in Understanding Human Cognition. Professor Hagai Bergman, Israel: Professor of Physiology (Medical Neurobiology), Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada, Simone and Bernard Guttman Chair in Brain Research, Founding Member, Inter-Disciplinary Center for Neural Computation, The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; President, International Basal Ganglia Society. Professor Olaf Blanke, Switzerland: Director, Center for Neuro-prosthetics, Faculty of Life Sciences, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology; Consultant Neurologist, Department of Neurology, University Hospital of Geneva. Professor Shimon Ullman, Israel: Samy and Ruth Cohn Professor of Computer Science, Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, The Weizmann Institute of Science; Member, Israeli Academy of Science. Recipient: David E. Rumelhart Prize.