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adductor muscle

adductor muscle

Bow legs, knock knees, genu varum correction treatment exercises

3y ago


Bow legs or (Genu varum) are common problem in kids or adults. I had same problem in my life. But there is simple exercises which can help you no matter how old are you or how bad are your legs. You only need patience and discipline to do everyday exercises to strengthen your hip adductor muscle. Weak muscle causes legs to deformate. 5-10 minutes of special exercises and in couple months you will see big difference. I had amazing results in 6 months. I am so happy right now no more discomfort in my life. If you have bow legs or knock knees just make exercises in this e-book. I got this program from my doctor I hope it will help you to cure your bowed legs or knock knees. Press link for a free download: Or join our facebook group: I can guarantee you that in couple months you will have amazing results. You only live once so don't give up just do those simple exercises and you will succeed. Also join our Entrepreneurship site: and Facebook: