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Botchamania 220

3y ago


Doing for wrestling what God did to Milton Keynes, it's Botchamania 220: Armstrong Curse of Monkey Island! Thanks to... ENRIQUE DE LA RIVA for the Briscoes intro Massive Q for the advertising moolah Everybody on Twitter for telling me about the Super Dragon fan Peppy Sinclair for doing the Super Dragon segment so I didn't need to. Some Guy for the Mega Man segment. HoganvsFlair for No Jesus in CZW Music... Boxer Stage by A_Rival (Street Fighter X Mega Man) The Winner! by Jun Chikuma (Super Bomberman 5) Dr. Wily Stage Boss by Manami Matsumae, Yoshihiro Sakaguchi (Mega Man) Chrome Gadget by Howard Drossin (Sonic 3) -KICKSTARTER SONG- Regulate by Warren G and Nate Dogg Duel Zone by Hirokazu Ando (Super Smash Bros.) John Zandig ft. Chris Rock - No Jesus in CZW The Kickstarter thanks go to... James Coyne, Mark Connolly, morgan izzard, Matthew Rootes, Nick, Steve O'Grady, Wrist Clutch Express, Brian Kordosky, Matt Morris, Ethan Kelly, Bryan Koppelmann, Carlos Nelson Sandoval, Andrew MacDonald, Frank McCormick, Alex Aponte, Brian Stritmater, ian tomkins, Chris, Joseph Dix, Dave Browning, Mitchell Montgomery, Cody Rochel, Tommy To, James Robertson, Rob "Tha Friggin Captain" Sellers, Matthew Corbett, Daniel A. Williams, Paul Matthew Smith, Reyan Ali, Kane987245, BObby, Adam Hong, Nicholas Corradini, Greg Miller, Nicholas Spencer, Thrill Murray, Callum 'Ness' Turnbull, Ben Smith, Lewis Vaughan, Peter Molina, Alex Bill, Ari Rockefeller of, Esequiel Mark Gonzales, David Coates, Andrew Siller, CJ, Mark Hooper, Rob Popiel, Tomasz Popiel, Tim D., Tyler Light, Richard Kirkland, wiL Morgan, James Watkins, Blake McMillan, newlegacyINC, Kevin Gill, J.T. Murphy, Mathew Sforcina, Ryan Genno and Ian Gregg! I can't thank you people enough for what is genuinely one of the highlights of the year for me. Now it means no begging until 2016, bollocks. There's loads of footage 'saved up' so expect Botchamania 221 soon! Sorry this one took so long but you happens.