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rizal park

rizal park

Bombtrack - Inside Rhythm (live cover) at the Solidarity Rally for Inday Sara

4y ago


Inside Rhythm covers a song from Rage Against the Machine. Check out our FB page for our previous videos: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CATCH p0p0ng LanDer0, d0n Juan Baktas, Magtang0L, weny0s, s0undCheck, InSiDe Rhythm, T0RAk & m0re.. t0day, July 8 @ 2pm, RiZaL PaRk, dv0 city f0r the SoLidariTy RaLLy para kay InDay SaRa!!! kitakits!!! ThaNk y0u f0r being 0ne 0f Us @ d S0LiDaRity RaLLy f0r Inday SaRa: Mags, Don Juan BaKtas, p0p0ng LanDer0, pauL joS0L, Gerry Cortes, Andrew "padok" bRigoLi, Versikulo AkuStik, ToRAK, s0unDcHeck, Weny0s, InsiDe Rhythm & kaLiwat.. sPeciaL thanKs 2 Dvo City TouriSm Office, MinDana0 TimeS, sKipoJacK, b0arD memBerS Yda Buena0bRa, TonY Ho, Kap RobeRt 0LanoLan, ToRKS, ben Madarang, vH0y deLa vict0Ria, RannIe Yu, sHem Longakit, Ging aL0ndaY, RanDy aviLa... and, 0uR Sweet, Sweet LoRD for giving uS the BeSt WeaTheR... bLeSsingS!!!