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carlos santana

carlos santana

Bokoor Beats - Onukpa Shwarpo

4y ago


Bokoor Beats Vintage Afro-Beat, Afro-Rock & Electric Highlife From Ghana In Ghana, the '70s was a time of political repression, high inflation, and funky pop music. Among the musicians working the clubs in the Ghanaian capital, Accra, was a young British emigre named John Collins. Collins played guitar and harmonica, and even sang and composed with local bands. Later on, he became an important music producer in Ghana, where he still lives today. On Bokoor Beats, he compiles some of his favorite songs from his early days on the Accra scene. Bokoor means "coolness," and when Collins co-founded the Bokoor Band in Ghana in 1971, they covered Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana and James Brown. When the group hit its stride a few years later, the Bokoor Band had folded those influences into original songs. They drew on Ghana's sunny "highlife" style, the funky, politically-edged Afrobeat from neighboring Nigeria, and even the Latin-tinged soukous sound shimmying out of the Congo.